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Daniel Cavey is a ceramic artist originally from Maryland, USA who lives and works in Northern Italy.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland USA in 1977 Daniel Cavey grew up on a small farm in an outlying county. Cavey received a BFA in ceramics from Maryland Institute college of Art in 1999. That fall, Cavey accepted a formal invitation to a ceramic symposium in Riga, Latvia, which he attended for two consecutive years. In 2002, eager to leave his studio in Baltimore, Cavey applied for an artist residency at La Meridiana and moved to Italy. In Tuscany, Cavey began working with terracotta on a large scale at the Antica Fornace  Montecchio, a manufacturer of garden ceramics. He began working with a landscape architect and his architectural ceramics and sculpture can be found in a number of both public and private gardens throughout Tuscany.

Cavey currently works out of his studio near Parma in Northern Italy. He has attended symposia throughout Europe, including the European Artists symposium held in Essen, Germany, and continues to teach and work in the United States. His work was featured in Marie Claire Maison and Ceramics Monthly. Cavey has exhibited in the Museum of Foreign Art in Riga, Latvia, in the Keramikmuseum Westerwald of Hohr-Grenzhausen, in the Museu de Ceramica de L’Alcora, Spain, and elsewhere.  

Artist Statement

Descent Proposals by Daniel Cavey

Descent Proposals by Daniel Cavey

In his work, Daniel Cavey focuses on the consequences of human action upon the current biosphere. Through the study and evaluation of other species and their functions as populations within specific ecological niches, Cavey makes analogies between animals and humans in order to identify and present the impact of our ever-expanding global population.

The evolutionary history and natural adaptations of particular species heavily influences the artist’s choice of imagery. And his often-acrimonious expressions underline the effects of a continuously widening gap between humanity and the natural world, where the former’s foundations lie. Balancing these elements and executing his expressions with technical acumen, Cavey explores irony, tension, and despair, eliciting emotions and provoking serious thought about imperative issues. Such responses may be uncomfortable but are also necessary components of change in the individual and social consciousness. Thought and emotion establish ethical guidelines for action, which the artist feels it is our responsibility, as the dominant species on earth, to self-impose.

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Cloud Gallery | 2015 - 2016
Prinsengracht 276,
1016 HJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 20 358 35 74


The Innocents
Ceramics Monthly | January 2016

Guardando Ultre
Marie Claire | 2005

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